Describe five business applications of convergence

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1. What is business research and should there be any question about the definition of research?

2. What is convergence? List and describe five business applications of convergence. Which industries are expected to gain the most from the convergence trend?

3. Describe what emotional intelligence is, and the skills that are associated with an emotionally intelligent individual.

Reference no: EM132234084

Demonstrate thought-provoking-critical thinking skills

Respond to the discussion questions that demonstrate thought-provoking, critical thinking skills. Discuss why companies "go international", giving specific reactive and proact

Advantages evident in use of the abc classification system

Analyze the purpose of inventory management as it applies to operations management, and then evaluate the advantages and disadvantages evident in the use of the ABC classif

Identify the different types of inventories

Identify the different types of inventories (raw materials, work in process and finished goods) carried in the following organizations: gas station, hamburger stand, clothing

Rating of the interrelationships and relationship matrix

Build a House of Quality (showing only the voice of the customer, technical features, and interrelationships) for designing and producing chocolate chip cookies. Clearly expla

The contractual theory and the stakeholder theory

What do you think about the arguments for and against the conflicting interests of various corporate constituencies? In whose interests should the corporation be run? Include

Pmlc model could be either adaptive or extreme

If your choice of PMLC model could be either Adaptive or Extreme, which would you choose and why? Are there any conditions that would clearly suggest one model over the other?

Operating characteristics

The manager of a grocery store in Sunnyville (a retirement community) wants to make sure that senior citizens who shop in her store receive good service. Find the following op

Hospitality service is made up of transactions

Hospitality service is made up of transactions that are numerous, diverse, and often private. In a dining room, for instance, each interaction between a food server and a gues


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