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A scientist studying a population of fish collects demographic data over the course of several years and compiles the data into a life table. This table is then analyzed to create a survivorship curve that resembles Type III survivorship. What trends in demographic data would cause a species to produce a Type III survivorship curve? Describe factors that would result in these trends.

Reference no: EM132280461

Describe the angiosperms and vertebrates

Angiosperms (flowering plants) and vertebrates obtain nutrients from their environment, Describe 2 structural adaptations in angiosperms for obtaining nutrients from the envir

Balanced breakfast and lunch will support active

Over half of the body's glucose is metabolized in the brain. Very few of the alternate fuels are used in the brain, but are commonly used by other parts of the body. Muscles

Mosquito population rebounded

After WWII, DDT was widely used to kill mosquitoes. Spraying DDT was effective for some years, but despite continuous spraying at ever increasing concentrations of DDT,

Discuss basic steps of the experiment

lex A is an E. coli gene whose product regulates the transcription of certain target  genes that are located at different positions in the bacterial chromosome.

Compare the mechanism of replication in rickettsia

Compare the mechanism of replication in Rickettsia, virulent phage, and Bdellovibrio. Why do microbiologists believe virulent phage are not living, but Rickettsia and Bdello

The anatomical theory of disease

Write a 2-3 page paper and briefly describe and compare the following: the humoral concept of disease, the anatomical theory of disease, and the germ theory. How does each d

What reward does the male wasp receive from the orchid

Assume you are an ecologist studying the effects of acid precipitation on plant life. Explain an experiment you would perform in order to determine which plant species will be

Patients with a history of tuberculosis

Patients with a history of tuberculosis often show scars in the lungs and experience recurrent infection. Account for these effects on the basis of the inflammatory response


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