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Assignment: Self-Analysis

In this assignment, you will pick two of your many identities to research and analyze in terms of how each identity may affect your provision of services.


Identify one ethnic (e.g., Mexican, Asian, etc.) and one cultural (i.e., this could be religion, sexual orientation, etc.) important identities about yourself. For example, African American or white.

Conduct scholarly research to learn about the values and assumptions that accompany each identity and to learn about how each identity can influence human services in a multicultural and diverse setting.

In a 5- to 6-page paper, analyze and present your findings. Make sure that you address the following in your analysis:

Describe each identity and the values and assumptions therein.

Compare and contrast the two identities. What are the similarities between the two? What are the differences?

Explain how you might reconcile the differences between the two identities.

Identify the strengths and weaknesses each identity provides in a professional human service setting.

Explain how you can utilize both identities to positively influence a professional human service setting.

Reference no: EM13846954

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