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Directions: Please write a two to three paragraph response for each of the following questions. Be sure to cite any references used. Please use proper APA citation when using any source including the textbook. Please visit the Academic Resource Center (ARC) for concise APA guidelines.

1. Describe a situation in which you were a stakeholder. What was the issue? What were your stakes? Who were the other stakeholders? What was the outcome? Did you have a win-win resolution? If not, who won, who lost, and why?

2. Recall your personal work history. Who were your manager's most important stakeholders? What, in general, were your manager's major stakes in his or her particular position?

3. In your company or one in which you have worked, what is the industry? The major external environments? Your product or service? Describe the major influences of each environment on your company (for example, on its competitiveness and ability to survive). Evaluate how well your company is managing its environments strategically, operationally, and technologically, as well as in relation to new products and public reputation.

4. Choose one type of functional area manager described in the chapter. Describe a dilemma involving this manager, taken from a recent media report. Discuss how a stakeholder analysis could have helped or would help that manager work effectively with stakeholders.

5. Describe a complex issue that is evolving in the news or media. Explain how the issue has evolved into other issues. Which issues management framework would help track the evolution of this issue? Explain.

6. Describe a recent crisis that involved a product. Which crisis management model best explains responses? Explain, using that model.


Directions: Read the following case and then answer the corresponding questions. Please be sure to write at least a one paragraph response for each question.

Case 3 - Mattel Toy Recalls?

1. Identify the major stakeholders in the case and argue who was responsible for what went wrong and why.

2. What are the ethical issues in the case?

3. Do you think cross-cultural dynamics and misunderstandings played a role in the resulting problems in the case? Explain.

4. Was there a prodromal phase in this case? If so, identify this stage and the event(s) that explain it.

5. Which issues management framework would you suggest to best explain this case? Why?

Reference no: EM131229616

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