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Choose three of the four questions below and write a 200-300 word (1-2 pages) answer for each question. APA Manual standards must be followed for the work: include a title and reference page, properly cite in text references, and proofread your work carefully. In addition to your textbook, you must include a minimum of two outside academic, scholarly references for each response. When complete, upload your final MS Word Document into Assignments by the due date. Note: Submit only one Word Document for this assignment. No plagiarism.

1. Describe competency modeling. As a manager, what steps must be taken to establish competency models in an organization.

2. What are some advantages of external recruiting?.

3. Define what comprises a job description, and what planning must go into defining a job?

4. Organizations with low turnover rates will probably prefer to use which recruiting method(s)?

Reference no: EM131152292

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