Describe clearly what you understand by gender inequality

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a) Describe clearly what you understand by Gender Inequality

b) Discuss the reasons for Gender Inequality in today's world

c) Explain clearly six theoretical underpinnings of Gender Inequality


Ann Oakley (1974) outlines how socialization in modern industrial societies shapes the behavior of girls and boys from an early age

a) Explain clearly the four main determinants that Oakley (1974) put forward for gender roles and socialization

b) Discuss the criticism made by John Archer and Barbara Lloyd (2002) on Oakley's approach


a) Explain the difference between rapport talk and report talk in terms of gender communication

b) Often men and women use different processes for decision making and leadership. Discuss five common ways in which men and women differ


(a) Although advertising tries to convince you to buy a product or accept a message, advertising also shapes your attitudes about gender. Describe the six codes and conventions that advertising often uses in the portrayal of men and women

(b) Discuss the impact of mass media on gender roles

Reference no: EM133115

How the subject of your paper was related to your world

Assignments in this class are designed to have you explore some personal connection you have with life science. For the second assignment, I want you to find an example of s

Describe how it applies to the realm of data communication

Write one to two paragraphs on each topic below, and describe how it applies to the realm of data communication. Also discuss what type of damage these computer infections can

The basic assumptions of conflict theories

A comparison and contrast of the basic assumptions of conflict theories: Marxist theory, power elite theory, and interest group (pluralist) theory. An explanation of how these

Data analysis by visiting the us census bureau american

Review the Research Paper instructions, which can be found in Week Five. For this Week Three assignment, you will be present the demographic data you find on your chosen local

When brothers share a wife

Explain your answers in detail  Chapter 34: "When Brothers Share a Wife" (Goldstein 2012[1987]) a) A specific piece of information in this reading that I think is useful is:

Is there a relationship between ei and leadership

After completing the emotional intelligence test, do you think that emotional intelligence can be "learned?" Do you see value in focusing on working to increase your emotion

Discuss the implications of large and small sample sizes

Discuss the implications of large and small sample sizes to include pros and cons, possible tests that might be used to analyze the data, and how parametric and nonparametri

What should be the future of the us space program

What should be the future of the US Space Program? Should the US Space Program become privatized or be supported by tax dollars? Should it be discontinued completely and the


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