Describe chick-file-a marketing strategy

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Describe Chick-file-A marketing strategy? 2. How would you describe Chick-fil-A’s positioning strategy? 3. Is Sunday closing a competitive advantage for Chick-fil-A? Explain. 4. Should other retailers consider closing on Sunday? Why? Why not? 5. Describe the company's marketing mix along with the 4 Ps.

Reference no: EM131027247

Discuss the assumptions of the basic EOQ model

The purchasing agent for a company that assembles and sells air-conditioning equipment in a Latin American country noted that the cost of compressors has increased significant

Critical factors to consider in the design of a work system

What are the critical factors to consider in the design of a work system? What role does technology play in the design of work systems? Use data from credible outside resource

What is process capability index of bottle filling process

A barbecue sauce producer sells their product in a 30 ounce bottle. Their current process mean is 29.70 ounces with a standard deviation of 0.45 ounces. If their tolerance lim

Give the answer of muliple choice question

Which of the following is not one of the commonly heard comments of project managers? Strategy considered to be under purview of senior management is.Project managers who do n

Supply process is there greatest opportunity to add value

Where in the supply process is there the greatest opportunity to add value and why? What approaches, other than the standard supply procedure, might be used to minimize the sm

Advantage for a business to run with lowest possible stock

State the reasons why it may not be long-term advantage for a business to run with the lowest possible stock. List 3 aspects of performance measures that would be appropriate

What is the appropriate negotiation strategy

What are HR's interests in this scenario, and what would be the potential negotiation strategy between the Accounting Manager and HR assuming that there is a decision that t

Effectiveness of current training and development department

You have just been appointed as the Chairperson of the President's Council on Training and Development for Corporations in the United States. Your assignment is to give direct


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