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Foraminifera are protists found in the ocean sediment. They are composed of either calcium carbonate or silica and have variable shapes. Find a picture of foraminifera, and given a brief description.

Reference no: EM13869230

Recent advancements in medical technology

Social construction, as it relates to technology, is the process by which groups make decisions as to what type of technological systems should be considered and used. Recent

Demographic transition process advantages and drawbacks

Demographic transition is the process in which a nation transitions from being a less industrialized society, with high birth and death rates, to an industrialized nation, w

The topic is about the a.i. and human beings

Please use these subheadings in Proposal. Use first person in the Proposal. The Proposal should be 3 pages long. Discussion section should discuss what you think you may fin

Requirements of an emergency action plan

Discuss the requirements of an Emergency Action Plan in relation to a workplace you are familiar with. Based on your observations, do you believe the training requirements i

Issues of interest-for example

Episode List The Andy Griffith Show Season 1, episode 12: "Stranger in Town" Roseanne Season 1, episode 16: "Mall Story" , Season 1, episode 22: "Dear Mom and Dad" 3rd Rock

Develop good habits of thoughts through hard work

Q 1) assess what it means to develop good habits of thoughts through hard work Q 2) Describe why you think that Paul and Elder include the examples of Einstein and Darwin. How

Describe the two types of eugenics

Describe the two types of eugenics Critically assess the advantages and disadvantages of each type

Discuss determinants of price elasticity of demand for oil

Discuss the determinants of the price elasticity of demand for oil, and explain whether demand and supply for oil is elastic or inelastic. Based on your discussion of elasti


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