Describe background information and empirical article

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Overview of Issue

Place the study in the broad context of psychology. Where does it fit in? Why is the topic an important one? Why should we care?

Theoretical Overview

Is there a single unifying theory that might explain why your constructs will be related? If so, describe it. If not, describe your constructs and any relevant theories separately. Then, based on your discussion, make a reasonable argument about how you think these constructs might be related.

Empirical Overview

Describe background information and empirical article(s) making it clear how the relevant constructs relate to the topic and each other. Either way, be sure that you appropriately describe your constructs in the context of other studies in order to draw connections between them (e.g., describe the methods, results, and interpretation of each study in the context of what it tells you about the relationship between your constructs).

Motivation/Statement of Research Questions

What are your specific research questions? Why are they important in the context of the literature you've outlined? How does it relate to previous work? What is your prediction? What is the basis for this prediction?

variables: moods, sleeping quality vs. academic performance.

research question: does mood and sleeping quality has an impact on academic performance?

find three emprical articles that are relevant to the topic.

Reference no: EM131246350

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