Describe and give an example of self-enhancement

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Instructions: Answer the following questions. Questions 1, 2, and 3 require an essay and Questions 4-10 are answered individually. There are no minimum or maximum number of pages required for the exam. The more you write that is relevant to the questions improves your score. Short answers showing lack of effort or interest will lower your score. Each question counts for 10 points.

Chen Le from South Korea and Robert Smith from the United States meet at college in New York City and become friends. They then decide, after a period of time, to become roommates. Given your knowledge of culture and behavior, what problems might the two students have in their relationship when it comes to the following cultural differences?

(1) Individualism-Collectivism

(2) Power Distance, and

(3) Indulgence-Restraint

(4) Describe, and give examples of two of the functions of the "self-concept".

(5) Describe, and give an example of "self-enhancement".

(6) Which stage of Erikson's psychosocial stages are you currently in? Describe this stage and which side of the conflict you find yourself.

(7) Describe fully and give an example of "self-efficacy".

(8) Describe and give an example of "self-handicapping".

(9) What is "reframing" when it comes to the emotions? How does it work? Give an example.

(10) Describe, and give examples of the defense mechanisms of "rationalization" and "reaction formation" in Freud.

Reference no: EM131041337

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