Describe and explain at least 3 differences in for-profit

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5-10 slides with speaker notes

For your next orientation meeting with your new hire, and to be helpful when other new accountants are hired, prepare a PowerPoint presentation of 5-10 slides with speaker notes that includes the following:

• Describe and explain at least 3 differences in for-profit entities and governmental agencies that cause them to have different required accounting procedures; include an example of each.

• At least 1 slide should explain which regulating authority oversees the accounting rules for governmental vs. for-profit entities. Include an example and brief explanation, in your own words, of the most recent new guideline established by the agency overseeing government accounting.Access the following Web site:

• At least 1 slide should explain at least 2 differences between governmental entities and nonprofit, nongovernmental agencies, including an example of each difference.

Reference no: EM131091734

Describe how the business would benefit from information

Overall presentation of the report and structure of the report - quality of the report - describe capacity and capability of an implemented system of an existing business.

Two-person technical support

A computer specialty manufacturer has a two-person technical support staff who work independently of each other. In the past, Tom has been able to solve 75% of the problems

Contributing to the inventory problem

For several years a client's physical inventory count has been lower than what was shown on the books at the time of the count so that downward adjustments to the inventory

Realizable value for the receivables

What is the doubtful account expense for the year ended December 31, 2009 if the Accounts receivable at December 31, 2009 is $440, the Allowance for Doubtful Accounts at Jan

The president of pratt company is puzzled.

The president of Pratt Company is puzzled. During the last year, the company experienced a net loss of $800,000, yet its cash increased $300,000 during the same period of time

Create pro forma statements

Using the sample financial statements, create pro forma statements of five year projections that are clear, concise, and easy to read. Be sure to double check the calculatio

Required journal entries for the two events in december

Give the required journal entries for the two events in December. Show how the amounts related to Accounts Receivable and Bad Debt Expense would be reported on the balance she

Problem about basis for adjusting entries-annual adjustments

The following account balances are taken from the records of Laugherty Inc. at December 31, 2014. The Supplies account represents the cost of supplies on hand at the beginni


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