Describe and discuss non-traditional terrorist financing
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Describe and discuss non-traditional terrorist financing.

Assignment Guidelines

Students need to research a minimum of 3 sources (of which only 2 may be cited from the internet) about a financial source of funding for Al Qaeda.

Address the following in 600-800 words:

Explain the following in detail, using referenced citations:

The source of the terrorist funding

Its manner of storage

The process of its removal for use

Its method of distribution

In conclusion, propose a solution for eliminating this funding source and the specific methods that you would use.

Explain your rationale and the significance of doing away with this source of funding for Al Qaeda's operations.

All sources must be referenced using APA style.

Papers should be between 600-800 words in length; however, they may be longer if content rich and logical.


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Describe and discuss non-traditional terrorist financing:

The terrorist get their funds from different and small donations which profits their system. They are the criminals who are ready to kidnap and ask for a big amount with extortion and blaming the people.

There are techniques which are used by them to handle the funds in case of laundering of the amount and the legitimate income of the source. (Brzoska, 2014). The intelligence to loot the banks and the smuggling comes from their own planning, thereby, combatting with the different investigation as per the procedure which can harm the system and leads to the corruption as well.

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