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Write a short essay (4-5 pages) in which you describe and analyze an experience you've had related to gender and communication. This is to be a short essay in which you analyze and react to one of the brief articles included with this assignment, both as it relates to the course materials and to your own experience. In short, tie your reaction to the course content.

The focus is on your informed opinion and reaction to your chosen article. These papers are not to be mere descriptions of the article-in other words, do not simply repeat what the article says. Describe and/or summarize the article content briefly (2-4 paragraphs), and then spend the balance of the essay in analyzing the it according to the relevant section of your textbook as well as describing and analyzing your reaction to it. As part of this analysis, you should consider your own relationship to the article---do you have experience of your own that relates to the article? If so, what is it? Does reading this material help you understand your own experience more clearly? If so, how? In your description and/or summary, make sure that someone who has not read the article or had your experience would have sufficient information from you in order to understand what is going on.

You do not need to do outside research to complete this essay, but you should use (and cite) the main textbook as a source, cited in proper form at the end of the essay (although not necessarily on a separate page). You may wish to utilize other assigned readings in your analysis. In using the readings, be sure to identify what you understand to be the key parts of the reading(s) as they apply to the specific article you're analyzing and reacting to, and utilize the authors' explanations (appropriately cited) to help you clarify or illuminate the meaning of the article as it applies to gendered communication.

You may analyze one of the following: a film you have watched; an exercise you have completed for this class; a public lecture that is related to gender and communication; an advertisement; a web site you've visited recently; or one of the newspaper or magazine articles included with this assignment. If you have a question about whether a particular event is appropriate, please check with the instructor.

Be sure that you are satisfied before committing yourself to the final draft. Have you introduced your topic? Have you made your purpose clear? Have you described the document you're talking about and have you explained why you find it interesting? Have you explained how you think the course readings apply to the document? Have you described your reactions and/or what you learned about gender and communication from thinking about it?

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Reference no: EM13851484

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