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Discussion 2: Shared Practice: Case Study: IDEO and Creativity

While you may never have heard of the design firm IDEO, you have likely heard of and even used products that it envisioned, including some of the very first computer mice. How does a company consistently generate groundbreaking ideas over the long term? One of the first steps, of course, is to recruit the best and most creative employees. Once those employees have joined the organization, however, there is still more that a company must do to support creativity and create a fertile ground for innovation. In this week's Discussion, you will be sharing experiences you have had in participating in creative work environments.

For this week's Shared Practice, read the following case study, Creative climate: Work environment allows IDEO to deliver promise of innovation. Examine how IDEO combines the elements of leadership, work environment, and processes in ways that harness the creativity of its employees and project teams. Then, think of an organization where you have worked, currently work, or one with which you are familiar. Consider how the organization compares with IDEO in supporting a creative climate.

Post by Day 4 a response that includes the following, using an organization for which you work, have worked, or with which you are familiar:
Describe the leadership, environment, and process factors specific to both individuals as well as teams that contribute to a creative climate.
Evaluate how the leadership, work environment, and organization processes supported the creativity of employees and teams.

Based on your observations and/or experience with the organization, describe an initiative that could be implemented that would strengthen the climate for creativity among participants in the initiative. Hint: You can base the initiative on the IDEO case study (i.e., redesigning employee work spaces to enhance collaboration) or you can craft one of your own.

Explain how the initiative you have selected for the organization might build on its strengths and/or address its weaknesses in supporting individuals and teams in a climate for creativity.

Reference no: EM13816494

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