Describe a workforce scheduling and blending

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Describe a workforce scheduling, a blending, and a logistics problem in Healthcare. What is being optimized in each of your examples and why? How do linear optimization techniques differ from decision tree analysis? Which are more applicable to the examples you identified? Support your response with rationale from the readings.

Reference no: EM131375095

Three factors affecting project management decisions

Three factors affecting project management decisions are cost, time, and scope. Companies and organizations include resources as another factor. Describe each one of the four

Examples of projects used in opoerations management

Define what a project is and why is project management used in operations management? Support you answer with at least two examples of projects used in opoerations management.

Hamburger buns from national bakery supplier

A fast-food restaurant buys hamburger buns from a national bakery supplier. The daily usage of buns at the restaurant is normally distributed with an average of 160 and standa

How many acres of should be planted to maximize profits

A farmer has 10 acres to plant in wheat and rye. He has to plant at least 7 acres. Moreover, the farmer has to get the planting done in 12 hours and it takes an hour to plant

Develop and implement three day sales

Develop and implement a three day sales and product knowledge training course: Responsibility: Trainind director Laura Brown. Timetable: Program to be developed from Jan 1 thr

Ultimate freedom to make decisions in future positively

Reflect: Consider how each decision you make today will affect your financial future. The choice to borrow money will mean you need to repay it at some point. The ability to s

Discuss the four different cost-benefit analyses

Discuss the four different cost-benefit analyses that companies must take into account when formulating an IT strategic plan. How does the delivery of strategy through communi

Marisol is new to town and is in market for phone service

Marisol is new to town and is in the market for cellular phone service. She hassettled on Wildcat Cellular, which will give her a free phone if she signs a one-yearcontract. W


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