Describe a value proposition and provide an example

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1. Describe a value proposition and provide an example. How important is value to the consumer?

2. How would you describe relationship marketing? Why are these relationships so important to successful marketing?

3. What are the similarities and differences between holistic marketing and integrated marketing communications?

4. Describe Michael Porter’s value chain model. What makes this an effective approach?

5. What key elements should be covered when writing a good mission statement? What is the purpose of a mission statement?

6. What is the difference between primary and secondary research methods? Provide an example of how each of these could be used.

7. Write out two different examples of closed-end questions you might use for a market research survey.

8. Putting surveys aside, what other market research methods could be used to gather data? Please describe at least three.

Reference no: EM13323077

Scientific method is to prove or disprove hypothesis

The purpose of the "Scientific Method" is to prove or disprove a hypothesis. In courses that are strictly scientific in nature, such as biology, the "Scientific Method" is u

Application - expected utility theory and prospect theory

Application: Expected Utility Theory and Prospect Theory, Explain each decision you made and whether it conformed to Expected Utility Theory or Prospect Theory. Explain why. B

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Individuals currently have a rather interesting status within international law. They are theoretically subjects to IL, but not fully. This is because they are bound by cert

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Kirby/Goodpaster Chapter 9, Logical Thinking Syllogisms” Please respond to the following: The following discussion questions refer to the activity assigned under the “Readin

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Compare and contrast the views of Karl Marx and Jean-Jacques Rousseau on the ideal form of government. In what sense do both views embrace democratic ideals? How does American

Profit sharing refers to procedure by which employer pays

Studies have shown that variable pay plans may not achieve their proposed objectives or lead to organizational improvements due to each of the following, EXCEPT: Profit sharin

How the parents and the children involved view the issue

If you chose divorce or one-parent families, discuss how the parents and the children involved view the issue. If you chose family violence, discuss how the abused woman, an


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