Describe a time when you entered a prolonged period

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Journal on Suffering

Use the space below to compose a journal of 250-500 words on suffering by answering the following:

Describe a time when you entered a prolonged period of suffering and how you responded in body, soul, and spirit. In other words, how did you deal with that time mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually? What did you run to in order to find comfort and to ease the stress and pain of that trial? In what ways did that time challenge, refine, or confirm your worldview?

Reference no: EM13847323

Discuss the use of your selected measure

Based on the analysis of your articles, discuss the use of your selected measure. Explain who is qualified to administer and interpret the measure and the settings-such as o

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In what ways does the Oriental perspective compare to our modern Western perspective? What do you think the difference tell us about Oriental society of the Early Modern perio

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What has been found to be effective public health tools in dealing with an outbreak of tuberculosis (TB) Whooping Cough, HIV/AIDS? What has been found to be effective tools in

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Write a 7-8 page description of your decision-making process. Your reflection should address the following questions: What are the most important features that impacted your s

History evolves through a dialectical process

The major ways in which nature was represented in romantic painting, Who introduced the neoclassical style in architecture to the United States? According to Hegel, history ev

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Identify and classify the types of expenses associated with the operation of the selected organization. Review the income statement and balance sheet of the selected organiza


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