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Assignment - Provide a solution to the following exercises:

1. How can a website distinguish between lack of capacity and a denial-of-service-attack? For example, websites often experience a tremendous increase in volume of traffic right after an advertisement with the site's URL is shown on TV during the broadcast of a popular sport event. That spike in usage is the result of normal access that happens to occur at the same time. How can a site determine that high traffic is reasonable?

2. Syn flood is the result of some incomplete protocol exchange: the client initiates an exchange but does not complete it. Unfortunately, these situations can also occur normally. Describe a benign situation that could cause a protocol exchange to be incomplete.

3. A distributed denial-of-service attack requires zombies running on numerous machines to perform part of the attack simultaneously. If you were a system administrator looking for zombies on your network, what would you look for?

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The work is in 900 words where the focus is on handling the discussions on DDos attack. It will include the different measures and the recommendations that are important to work on the system processing.The standards are set to work on the forms and the system processing in an effective manner.

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