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We live in a world where we are constantly being monitored by CCTVs that are placed not only in public locations but also within our workplace. Employers, using sophisticated technologies, are able to watch and record the work behavior of its employees. This includes tracking not only their physical movements but also their computer usage, phone calls and so on.

One the other hand technology is being used to give employees the ability to work more efficiently and effectively. It also gives employees the opportunity to work remotely and this provides flexibility in their employment.

There are many different ethical ways to look at the use of technology and the issues facing employees today. Using the four ethical theories we have studied in this subject explain how each theory would address the privacy issues associated with employees being monitored in their workplace.

Consider the above scenario and then explain how different ethicists would argue their case as to be most ethical approach. Your answer should include the following ethical theories:

• Utilitarianism
• Deontology
• Virtue
• Contract

Additional Information-

The problem is belongs to Sociology and the problem describe a scenario where technology is used to monitor people at work places and in public places. Various views of Utilitarianism, Deontology, Virtue and Social Contract views of ethics have been discussed.

Word Limits- 1100

Reference no: EM13829596

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