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This paper must be written in APA format. This will be a comprehensive paper that will combine your four milestones into a comprehensive review of the HR strategy that aligns HR functions and practices, staffing, training, compensation, and employee evaluation with A.P. Moller-Maersk Group's strategic goals case study.

1. Explain why the human resource function should be aligned with an organization's strategic plan and support your answer with examples/evidence.

2. Explain how current global conditions in the industry impact human resource management practices within organizations. Make sure to explain HOW the global conditions impact human resource practices and which aspects of human resources have been changed or revamped. Ensure that your explanation is clear and detailed.

3. Describe a process to recruit and select new employees who are aligned with the organization's vision and goals. Your description must demonstrate a nuanced understanding of the relationship between recruiting and the organization's vision and goals.

4. Compare and contrast recruitment and selection of internal versus external candidates using the Society for Human Resource Management website as resource. Establish which method would be more beneficial for an organization based on the research.

5. Describe the components of a needs assessment used to determine the training requirements of the organization. Your description must be clear and detailed.

6. Explain the importance of developing learning activities, and incorporate adult learning principles and methods of experiential learning into your description. You must exhibit keen insight into the needs of adult learners.

7. Illustrate the value of a training needs assessment in an organization, and support your response using scholarly research to contextualize your claims.

8. Describe the importance of creating SMART objectives for a training plan. Your description must be clear and detailed.

9. Describe the compensation philosophy and describe how the market influences this philosophy. Your description must be clear and detailed.

10. Determine the value of salary surveys, and describe the advantages of discretionary benefits. Use evidence to substantiate your claims.

11. Determine HRM's role in the performance management process including how the process aligns with the organization's strategic plan. Your description should be well supported and plausible.

12. Differentiate between the trait, behavioral, and results-based performance appraisal systems, and provide an example where each would be most applicable in a well supported and contextualized manner.

13. Determine how to identify best-suited appraisals for employee job duties, and support your response with an example that uses scholarly research to substantiate your claim.

14. Identify a variety of performance scales that can be used in organizations and describe each one. Your description should be clear and contextualized.

Reference no: EM13943843

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