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Imagine that your organization, a publishing company, has decided to hire an external vendor to provide diversity training. You want to begin by having the vendor conduct training for just a small portion of the employees so that you can study and assess the trainings effectiveness. Describe a plan for evaluating the effectiveness of the diversity training offered by the vendor. What measures will you use, and how will you design the evaluation study?

Reference no: EM1386236

What is the expected overstock at the retailer

Benetton has a quantity flexibility contract with a retailer for a seasonal product. If the retailer orders O units, Benetton is willing to provide up to another 35 percent if

Initial cost of investment-net present value of investment

The initial cost of an investment is $65,000 and the cost of the capital is 12%. The return is $15,000 per year for 8 years. Based on the given information, the net present va

Four sources of interpersonal conflict

From you experience, which of the four sources of interpersonal conflict (personal differenced, informational deficiencies, role incompatibility, or environmentally indicted s

Describe some of the middle management responsibilities

Describe some of the middle management responsibilities for implementing TQM. What tasks do these individuals need to accomplish? How are middle management responsibilities di

Oda hydroelectric grant

At the same time, the British government came under attack from members of parliament in Britain, who suspected the government acted unethically and approved the ODA hydroel

Achieving full organic certification status

Te Kainga is currently working towards achieving full organic certification status not only for its milk (completed), but also for its beef and lamb meat products. As outlined

What are the positive leadership behaviors and traits

What are the culturally contingent leadership behaviors and attributes? What are the positive leadership behaviors and traits that are universally accepted that facilitate l

Explain all federal and state laws

Identify and explain all federal and state laws that must be understood and considered in order to examine the case of Trayvon Martin vs George Zimmerman from both positions.


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