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The PROLOG interpreter, as described in this chapter, performs a prescribed resolution at each step. If all of the statements in a PROLOG program were con-verted to disjunction of literals, describe a control strategy for a resolution refutation system that performs the same resolutions as does the PROLOG in-terpreter.

Reference no: EM131323143

What is meant by a write-allocate policy

a)  What is meant by a "write-allocate policy"? b)  Into which set within P1's cache will the memory block containing the variable X be loaded? c) Into which set within P2's c

Debtors an unlimited exemption on homes

Some states permit debtors an unlimited exemption on their homes. Is it fair for bankrupts to be allowed to keep multi-million dollar homes, while their creditors remain unp

How might we explain the policy outcomes

Choose two of the following policy areas in the United States: health care policy, education policy, or energy/environmental policy.Describe the difficulties that the polici

Draw the front view of the slider block

Use the RECTANG command to draw the rectangular slot. Use relative polar coordinates to locate the endpoints of the lines, and absolute rectangular coordinates to locate the

Paper is a proposal for leonard cooper charter school

Paper is a proposal for Leonard Cooper Charter School for improving their network. The stakeholders of the system are facing a number of problems, especially since a new addit

How is the unix system call read actually invoked

In Unix-like operating systems, there is both a API library function named read(), and asystem call referred to as read in the Unix documentation. However, Unix system calls

What is the maximum allowable size for memory

A digital computer has a memory unit with 24 bits per word. The instruction set consists of 150 different operations. All instructions have an operation code part (opcode) a

Determine one-s complement of sum of eight-bit bytes

UDP and TCP use 1s complement for their checksums. Assume you have following three 8-bit bytes: 01010101, 01110000, 01001100. Determine the 1s complement of sum of these 8-bi


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