Depreciated over four years using the straight-line method

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Scott Investors, Inc., is considering the purchase of a $370,000 computer with an economic life of four years. The computer will be fully depreciated over four years using the straight-line method. The market value of the computer will be $70,000 in four years. The computer will replace 4 office employees whose combined annual salaries are $115,000. The machine will also immediately lower the firm’s required net working capital by $90,000. This amount of net working capital will need to be replaced once the machine is sold. The corporate tax rate is 40 percent. The appropriate discount rate is 10 percent. Calculate the NPV of this project. STEP BY STEP PLEASE!

Reference no: EM131012594

Consistently predict either the direction of stock market

“No one can consistently predict either the direction of the stock market or the relative attractiveness of individual stocks and thus no one can consistently obtain better ov

Calculate the price of the bond now

A bond that was first issues exactly two years ago today had an original maturity of 17 years, a coupon rate of 7.5%, and was issued with the promise to return the face value

Metal fabrication-Pricing raw supplies of aluminum

A metal fabrication company is pricing raw supplies of aluminum. The following are the costs to the company to receive one tone of aluminum from various sources. Which source

What was the amount of the deposit at the end of year

You put $9,000 in an account earning 7%. After 3 years, you make another deposit into the same account. Five years later (that is, 8 years after your original $9,000 deposit),

Call option is currently selling

A call option is currently selling for $6.40. It has a strike price of $55 and six months to maturity. A put option with the same strike price sells for $7.40. The risk-free r

What is present value of four-year ordinary annuity

What's the present value of a 4-year ordinary annuity of $1,000 plus an additional $2,000 at the end of Year 4 if the annual interest rate is 10%? a. $4,356.27 b. $4,626.61 c.

Add an additional production line

The Frank Ernst Co. wants to add an additional production line. To do this, the company must spend $100,000 to expand its current building and purchase $1.2 million in new equ

Present value of the interest tax shields from this debt

Your firm currently has $116 million in debt outstanding with a 10% interest rate. The terms of the loan require it to repay $29 million of the balance each year. Suppose the


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