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Benchmarking compares services provided with those provided by other organizations. This technique can be applied at many levels from the system to the unit level. Review your textbook for a discussion on this topic and also visit the South University library for current articles on Benchmarking. After reading and reflecting on this information, post a response including your ideas on the following questions:

Discuss how the nurse manager might use benchmarking to compare the unit with other departments in terms of productivity, budgeting, educational activities, and shared governance.

How does benchmarking improve "team" performance?

How does it promote healthy competition and unit pride?

How can benchmarking be used in your plan of action?

Reference no: EM131368057

Manufacturer of a liquid glass-cleaner

A manufacturer of a liquid glass-cleaner wants to determine the expected sales of its products throughout the country. To help in this project, prepare a report that shows t

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Use the Internet to find employers who now do preliminary selection interviews via the Web. Do you think these interviews are useful? Why or why not? You should also include

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Open the Profile section on the left menu panel and you will see "Industry" is identified. Find a competitive company within that industry and compare those ratios to the on

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What are the top priorities and steps that this organization should focus on as it develops its workplace health and safety programs to address the key health, safety, and s

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a situation that occurs when a check is returned to a depositor because the writer of the check did not have a bank available balance equal to or greater than the amount of

Adjusting the test scores to validate the increased

Adjusting the test scores to validate the increased percentage of minority officer promotions eliminated an advantage that white officers had and didn't create an arbitrary

Briefly sketch the evolution of corporations

The decision in Macpherson v. Buick Motor Car (1916) changed our expectations of corporate responsibility from a philosophy of 'Caveat emptor' to one of 'due care' by elimin

Economic implications of tourism on a country economy

1. Discuss the economic implications of tourism on a country's economy. What are the possible negative effects? Your essay responses should be at least 200 words in length.


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