Department of cass county has estimated that initial cost

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The park and recreation department of Cass County has estimated that the initial cost of a park will be $2.3 million. Annual upkeep costs are estimated at $ 120,000. Benefits of $340,000 per year and dis-benefits of $ 40,000 per year have also been identified. Using a discount rate of 6 percent per year, Compute i) the conventional B/C ration and ii) the modified B/C ratio.

Reference no: EM13685490

Question based on market concentration

Choose any firm and think about its buying and selling activities -everyone buys and sells, or at least "procures" and "supplies", or otherwise participates in exchange transa

Identify reasons why the brics countries are growing

Provide a comprehensive description of the economy of each of these nations and identify reasons why the BRICS countries are growing in importance on the international stage

Price elasticity of demand for the firm product

Your company’s executive vice president circulates a memo to the firm’s top management in which he argues for a reduction in the price of the firm’s product. He says a price c

How is this an economic problem

Consider this work situation: employee plays games at work all day and uploads an spreadsheet screen when boss is close. a) How is this an economic problem? How can you solve

Country enacts a tax policy that discourages investment

Suppose a country enacts a tax policy that discourages investment. As a result, the value of the parameter ¯s now goes to a smaller value ¯s? Assuming that the economy starts

Relationship in market and aggregate supply and demand

Describe how the circular flow diagram illustrates the interaction of households, governments, and business and Describe the relationship between market and aggregate supply a

Demonstrate how you would plan for materials

Discuss the factors J.B. needs to consider when determining his capacity needs. Using at least five recipes for elaborate European-styled desserts, demonstrate how you would p

What is steven opportunity cost

What is Steven's opportunity cost (in terms of exam questions) of writing one homework problem?  What is Steven's opportunity cost (in terms of homework problems) of writing


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