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Assume you work in the HR department of a medium-size finance (bank) company in Turkey. The president of the company has just requested that all departments developed a budget for the coming year and be prepared to justify their budget requests. As part of this justification, your boss, the director of HR, has just asked you to prepare a list of at least 10 reasons why the HR department and its performance are important to the success of the entire company. List your reasons in detail?

Reference no: EM131349395

Assignment-my communication style

Review "How to Improve Personal Communication" in Chapter 2 and compare your personal communication style to the communication skills outlined in this section. Reflect on yo

Productivity recommendations

Last week, you familiarized yourself with the Physician Care Services, Inc. case and selected metrics that would help you to evaluate the organization's productivity, with a

Personal success only in terms of financial gain

Employees today are less likely to define their personal success only in terms of financial gain. Many more workers claim that achieving a good work-life blance is a higher

How do they present number-heavy information

1. How do they use visuals to keep attention? 2. What differences do you see in the letters from the CEOs? 3. How do they present number-heavy information? Do they rely mai

Consider the organizational culture of google

Consider the organizational culture of Google, which is quite unique. Do you see this style as beneficial or distracting? Do you see more organizations following this model?

Web assignment-research methods

Using your favorite search engine, locate the websites for two research firms. Conduct a review of the services offered by these two different research firms. What types of

Working approach to self-leadership

The relevance of differentiating levels of leadership, Mental Models, Mindsets, Emotional Intelligence, REB and Dreams to leaders in the business context to develop a workin

Healthcare administrative critical thinking

Assignment length: Develop a minimum of 7 paragraphs. This assignment should be completed in a .doc or .docx file (as a Word document) in APA formatting with a title page


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