Dental Implant - find success rate to replace missing teeth
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Assignment - Assignment on dental implant.

Research Proposal Title: Immediate Implant Placement into fresh extraction sockets Versus delayed Implant Placement into healed Sockets success rates or survivals comparison, A systematic review of the literature.

Aim and research question - The aim of this research is to find out the success rate and the Difference in between two different treatment approaches to replace the missing teeth with dental implants either by placing them immediately after tooth extraction into fresh extraction sockets or by placing them several months after complete healing of Extraction sockets.

Justification of Research Questions: Replacing missing teeth in Edentulous patient with Dental Implant is very successful treatment option and It Has very good prognosis and significant longevity as opposed to other alternative treatment options, However there are several different approaches, in terms of Time , to place the dental implant either into fresh extraction sockets immediately which means placing Dental implants at the same time after tooth Extraction or Delay placement which means placing Dental implants after few months of tooth extraction when the extraction sockets healed completely.

Note - Assignment on dental implant subject all related articles should be Randomised clinical trials, a systematic review only. Minimum articles to be included no less than 20 articles.

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    No of Pages/Words: 12000 words - 12000 words Msc assignment on dental implant subject in English language all related articles should be Randomised clinical trials, a systematic review only. Minimum articles to be included no less than 20 articles.

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