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Part A: Case Study Demonstration

This is to be conducted during the scheduled lab sessions using real equipment. Your instructor will allocate each group a time for the Demonstration and assign necessary equipment, each group as a team is required to build the network that they have designed to meet the requirements specified in this Case Study book. The constructed network and its performance will then be assessed on site by your instructor according to detailed marking criteria which are to be released towards around two weeks before the due day. Please note:

1)  Groups and/or student/s not attending the scheduled lab Demonstration session without a documented legitimate reason will result in this Part A not being assessed, and a zero (0) mark will be given for Part A.

2)  Late arrivals for your scheduled Demonstration without a documented legitimate reason will incur a penalty of 5% off per minute late. No demonstration will commence after 20 minutes late and the mark for Part A will then become zero (0).

3)  The use of Packet Tracer outputs will NOT be accepted for assessment for Part A.

4)  Your hand written Engineering Journals and a printed copy of your detailed Topology Diagram and Addressing Tables may be allowed to use for the Demonstration session subject to inspection. A journal containing detailed solution specific to the Case Study will not be allowed.

5)  For more details of the Demonstration session, please refer to the Section 6 of this document.

Part B: Written Report

Each group as a team is also required to submit a Written Report of professional quality following the guidelines as set out in Section 5 of this document. This includes an electrical submission to Turnitin on UTS Online for detecting plagiarism and a hard-copy submission to your lab instructor for marking and commenting. In the report, there are items on which each member of a group can be assessed and marked individually, and items on which the group will be assessed as a whole.

1)  A soft copy of the Written Report from each group will be due to be submitted to Turnitin on UTS Online at 11.59pm on the day prior to your Demonstration day.

2)  A hard copy of the Written Report from each group must also be handed in to your instructor in class before commencing your demonstration. Failure to do so will result in a zero mark given for the items/Part B to the students or the group.

3)  Late submission of the Written Report will incur a penalty of 20% off per working day. No submission will be accepted after five working days and a result of zero (0) will be awarded for Part B of the Case Study.

4)  It is expected that the Case Study report to be marked by the following week of the Demonstration and returned in that lab session with feedback. Appropriate comments, where necessary, will be written on your submitted hard copy reports.

Reference no: EM13325679

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