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Write a four page paper (excluding title page, references and any appendices) in which you respond to the following question:

Select TWO products from the list of product categories below and using the teaching materials and any additional research explain what you think would be an appropriate distribution strategy for them. In doing so compare and contrast the two distribution strategies explaining why they would be similar or different.


Illustrate your answer by referring to specific brands within each of the two product categories you have chosen.

Ensure that you repeat the case question shown in bold above in full and verbatim on the title page of your submission information.

Excluding your title and reference pages, your paper should be no more than four pages long.

Use information from the background readings and any good quality sources you can find. Please cite all sources and provide a reference list at the end of the paper.

The following will be assessed:

  • Your demonstrated understanding of the marketing concepts central to the case question including what is a distribution strategy.
  • Your demonstrated understanding of factors related to the development of a distribution strategy through the analysis you conduct and their use in the context of the case.

In particular you should demonstrate your knowledge from the course by defining or explaining the relevant concepts used which could include:

  • alternative forms of channels integration (ranging from outright ownership of distribution through franchising to use of other firms' channels),
  • channel intensity (intensive, selective or exclusive), and
  • the various factors (Market, Producer, Product, Competitive) managers would consider,
  • along with an evaluation of the pros and cons of the various alternatives.

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Reference no: EM13729341

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