Demonstrate skills in project planning and management
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Project Management Plan (PMP) & Software Requirement Specification (SRS)


Learning Outcomes

2. Demonstrate an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of software developers, clients and users of a system.

3. Conduct a feasibility study that outlines costs, timeframes, a development schedule, and the features and benefits of a prospective software solution.

4. Demonstrate skills in project planning and management, problem solving, analysis, and evaluation.

Assessment Description

A 3000-word or equivalent effort report on PMP and SRS based on your client's project details. Refer to the document titled "AIH - Project Details 2019T2.pdf" for the project specifications. This report should be in MS Word format. SRS documents typically contain several types of UML/other diagrams and tables. If you are using other tools to generate the diagrams paste the generated images on to the Word document.

Attachment:- assignment project.rar

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