Demonstrate process for engaging in evidence-based practice

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Evidence Based Practice in the News

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Assignment InstructionsEvidence Based Practice in the News

The purpose of this assignment is for you to assess meaningful data for effective evaluation of child life services, and to demonstrate the process for engaging in evidence-based practice. (CLC3a; CLC2a)

Chose an area of interest related to Child Life
Pain Management
Professional Development
Cultural Awareness
Children with Special Needs
Child Abuse and Neglect
Mental Illness
Chronic Illness
Emergency Management

Determine a potential Child Life clinical practice problem.

Using the PICOT format, create a research question that is population specific, identifies a specific practice or intervention, compares this specific practice or intervention with another, states what the practice or intervention will affect, and designates a time period in which the affect will take place. "In hospitals (patient population), how does having a pet therapy program (intervention) compared with not having a pet therapy program(comparison) affect the documented pain levels (outcome) during a three-month period (time)."
Search for the best evidence available and determine the strength of the evidence using the CRAP test.

Complete a critical analysis of the evidence and develop recommendations for practice changes.

Disseminate (share) your research question, literature findings, and recommendations for practice changes in a News Report through a medium of your choice. See below for just a few multimedia options.

PowerPoint Presentation
PhotoStory3 - A free download for Windows computers, this program provides an easy way to create and edit videos.

ComicLife - With this program, you can share your recommendations through your own comics. This program works on all platforms and is relatively inexpensive. For a quick project, a 30 day free trial is available.

StoryBird - Another free, web-based application, StoryBird allows you to read, write, and collaborate on digital picture books. Thousands of illustrations have been contributed to this online community, and all authors can integrate them into their written pieces.

Digital Vaults - This new tool from the National Archives allows you to create your own accounts and then build a story using digital resources directly from the National Archives. The movie making tool includes soundtrack options as well as basic editing functions. With a free login account, you can save your work, and completed projects can be emailed or shared via hyper link.

VoiceThread is a great Web-based digital storytelling program that enables users to upload pictures or documents, record accompanying audio (or video) commentary, and invite others to record commentary as well. Its simple combination of visual and recorded media is perfect for creating multimedia presentations in a relatively short time frame using simple tools.
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Reference no: EM131104237

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