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Question: Please make sure to include the following points:

1. All papers should be numbered.

2. The report should be thoroughly checked for typing, spelling and grammatical errors before being submitted.

3. The report should be plagiarism free.

4. Include graphs, figures

5. Put the data extraction methods in a table like this:

Author Title Country Publication Outcome Study Characteristics Design Participants Results. Provide an overview of the main points to be covered in the report and a concise outline of the paper content and structure.

This should be one sentence clearly stating the overall or general aim of the project i.e. what does your project aim to achieve.

Develop a list of project tasks and the dates for completion to demonstrate how the project will be completed within the semester.

A review of the most current and relevant literature to indicate that you have read in the area and are able to identify key elements in the project. For the final this will include the scope of the problem (this include: mortality, morbidity, trends, distribution, who affected, cost of the health issue, state, national and international burden, comparison with other health issues, impact of social determinants) an:

• Related risk and contributing factors.

• The health promotion potential or public health impact.

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Reference no: EM13710328

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