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Mechanized Maintenance machine for railway track (Ballast)




Suppose that you are technical engineer in a railway company (trading, manufacturer, Vendor). You may be the owner of factory that has product line of one of railway track components such as fastening systems, Rail Joints, Sleeper (wooden, concrete, Steel, composite), welding system, machineries, .etc. In addition, you may have quarries for ballast and sub-ballast aggregates (formation layer) to produce suitable ballast aggregate for railway track.

For selling your products if you want to demonstrate and identify your productions or supply and provide the components, the client/buyer ask you to prepare a technical report involving all technical aspects to illustrate the capabilities and usage. So, Students are requested to prepare a technical report including:

1. Product Description

2. Technical specification

3. Using and installing method

4. Machinery with is needed to implement.

5. Operation and Maintenance aspects

6. Product illustration with sufficient and adequate pictures

7. Cost of your products if available.

8. Condition and place of using (weather, max/min temperature, working restrictions)
For doing the project, you can select one of the track component arbitrarily and choose one company (real or virtual) through the world to use its technical data and information.

Please note that proper referencing and paraphrasing must be carried out when using a document as a reference for your work. It is necessary to cover most of feasible and probabilistic technical questions from client/buyer side in your report clearly.

In the end (conclusion part), make tabular information as far as possible in a glance for your mentioned production.

Report Sections
The report should contain the following sections:
1. Introduction
2. Main body
3. Conclusions
4. References and contacts

1. Introduction (maximum 2 page)
- What is your products?
- Company history and information, establishing, capability, capacity,....
- Give the general plan of the report

2. Main body (maximum 10 page)
- Discuss the properties of products,
- Answer to the mentioned items above.
- Get the results and analysis if any.
- Headings should be informative and descriptive providing a clue to the contents of the section.
- Use suitable and accurate references for each paragraph that you take from others
- Each picture should have capture and a reference(s)

3. Conclusions (maximum 2 page)
- Synopsis
- State briefly, what the major specification are and provide tabular data.

4. References
List alphabetically your references which should include: Journal papers, proceedings, books, book chapters, internet sources etc.
Students must refer to Student Handbook for refereeing method preferred in Middle East College.

5. Appendix
Any additional figures, tables, and photos.

6. Report Guideline:
- The size limit: the number of pages should be from 5 to 15 pages, additional pages can be used as appendix.
- Generally use 1.5 x line spacing unless advised. Text Font Number must be typed in your own words and computer typed using Times New Roman, Cambria, and Calibri font size 12.
- Heading should be with Font Size 14, Bold.
- Start with the title page including student name, ID number and Session as requested.
- It is generally better to place figures within the text rather than group them at the end of the report.
- Give a sequential number to all figures (Fig. 1, Fig. 2, Fig. 3, etc.)
- Add a brief, informative caption to the figures.
- Give a sequential number to all tables (Table 1, Table 2, Table 3, etc.), with informative title.
- Use page numbers.
- Use Diagrams and Examples to explain your topic.

1. The report should not exceed 20 pages totally.
2. Task1 should be uploaded in Moodle separately by specified turnitin link.
Rules & Regulations
- If any content or diagram of the assignment is found copied from the other students then marks will be deducted from both assignments.
- The purpose of assignment is to do some research work so you can consult books in Library or use internet or computer magazines or any other source.

Reference no: EM131041925

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