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Innovation Case Study

Innovation Case Study Instructions: by August 2 8:00am: Upload a 1 or 2-page outline of the case study and teaching note to bCourses.

Assignment: Students will prepare a 5-7 page Innovation Case Study accompanied by a 1-2 page teaching note. The case study will describe and analyze a significant attempted innovation (successful, partially successful, or unsuccessful) within a public organization with which the student is intimately familiar. The innovation case study should be based upon real events that the student observed first-hand, but should generally not involve the student as a central actor in the case. The innovation could be the introduction of a new service, a significant change in how services are delivered, or a major change in lines of responsibility or authority within the public organization.

The innovation case study and teaching note should highlight how one or more of the main themes from this course (strategic planning, innovation, constraints to innovation, leadership, and communication) impacted the result of the attempted innovation.


Reflect upon your past work and life experience to select a strong case study that teaches about the challenges of innovating in a public organization.

Demonstrate and apply the knowledge gained through class meetings, readings and exercises to analyze an attempted innovation.

Identify, analyze, distill and communicate the key lessons to be learned from this innovation case study.

Reference no: EM131216422

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