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You need to demonstrate a confident application of the theories to the assignment task. The theoretical underpinning of your observations and deliberations should also demonstrate a good understanding of the subject by the way that your analysis is structured.

You can access the Internet to research about the topic. You should demonstrate good academic practice by the appropriate use of academic texts and journals that are properly referenced.

Guidelines and further information about assignment:

Scenario -Employee Satisfaction

An owner of a company had been working to improve employee relations in his company. He predicted that he met his goal of increasing employee satisfaction from 50 % to 75%. Employees from four departments were asked if they were satisfied with the working conditions of the company.

The results are shown in the following table:

Sales Finance Human Resources Technology
Satisfied 38 12 5 8
Dissatisfied 19 7 3 1
Total 57 19 8 9

(a) From the above contingency table use appropriate test to find that whether the results support or reject the company owner's prediction.

(b) Explain and justify your answer with all relevant comments

(C) Refer to most recent research paper and explain appropriately the significance of the statistical test used to solve above problem and its relevance in any business scenario.

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This is Quantitative Analysis for Management Decisions and in this task not all tests given in the file were instructed to prove hypothesis on customer satisfaction. Only three will be fine to answer statistical hypothesis testing and done accordingly.

Reference no: EM132280788

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