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Public Administration: A national builder of large urban malls and shopping centers has determined that Townscape is the ideal location for its next venture. The builder has a reputation for being a tough negotiator and placing many demands on the communities it chooses. Some of these points of negotiations center on upfront concessions from the municipal government. The City Manager would like you to research periodicals and newspapers in the Library to locate two situations where city governments were faced with making large concessions to large corporations in the hopes of a big payoff in the future. These stories should focus on large corporations holding municipal governments at bay for huge concessions such as: tax breaks, TIF districts, roadway improvements, exemption from bonding, or cash payments to secure the city as the site of a new business venture promising to bring in a significant amount of revenue in the future. Consult the Library, Internet and your local newpapers to help with your research. Be sure to cite your sources using APA guidelines. Be prepared with an opinion as to whether or not making such concessions is an appropriate course of action. Compare and contrast the consequences of two different cities where one city decided to give the developer what it wanted and a second where the city opted to hold fast and not give in to the demands of private industry.

Reference no: EM1370858

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