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Surveys indicate that Americans are becoming more and more dependent on over the counter medications such as Advil. For each of the following two scenarios, illustrate and describe the effect on both the demand and supply curves and on equilibrium price and quantity, answer should describe in words and illustrate in graphs.

(a) Rise in the price of an important ingredient used as a raw material in making Advil.

(b) A recent publication in Harvard Medical Journal has suggested that persistent use of such medicine may substantially increase the risk of Melanoma.

What's "market clearing price". Why is the market clearing price often described as an equilibrium situation? Use graphs to support the answer.

Reference no: EM13898327

Would you recommend accepting the offered contract

Your company manufactures controllers used in the production of commercial air conditioning units. Your current price is $50 per controller. At that price the total quantity d

Firm uses capital to produce revenue

A firm uses capital to produce revenue. The marginal revenue from the first 5 units of capital is as follows: 1st unit has MR 2.30, 2nd unit has MR 1.9, 3rd unit has MR 1.70,

Unemployment were attributable to the long-term unemployed

Suppose that over the course of a year 100 people are unemployed for 4 weeks each (the short-term unemployed), while 10 people are unemployed for 52 weeks each (the long-term

What is the equation of the supply curve if input prices

What is the equation of the supply curve if input prices are $10 and the price of Z is $20? Graph the supply curve that you found in part a) showing intercepts and slope. What

Describe the taylor rule-full-employment level

Describe the taylor rule. if the fed were the following rule, what would the nominal Fed funds rate be if inflation over the past year were 4% and output were 1% below its ful

What is the consumer surplus-producer surplus

Let’s assume the demand for balloons is expressed by P=40-2Q. The supply is P=3Q. What is the equilibrium price and quantity? What is producer surplus? What is the consumer su

Calculate the average variable cost per bushel of wheat

The production of agricultural products like wheat is an example of a perfectly competitive industry. Answer each part of this question. A. The average variable cost per acre

Produce estimate of the average value of time

The city of Metropolita added a new subway station in a neighborhood between two existing stations. After the station was built, the average house price increased by $10,000 a


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