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Code switching behavior is when you have to adapt your communication and delivery style based on cultural sensitivities. However, you have to ensure that you do not lose the essential content in your message while doing so.

Assume you are a consultant working on a company that is planning to sent its expatriates to its offices in three countries, Brazil, China and India. The executives have been tasked with increasing (i) Employee motivation across all employees in these regions and (ii) Creating communication best-practices across the regions.

Research the Internet and/or other sources and respond to the following questions:

1. What are three issues for each of the three countries that you think could negatively impact employee motivation? Explain why.

2. What would be 1 motivation and 1communication recommendations for code switching for expatriates and foreign managers when trying to motivate employees in each of these countries?

3. Suppose the expatriates’ bonuses are tied to employee performance because of motivation. Offer two ways you would measure employee performance because of motivation. Explain in detail why these measures make sense.

4. Offer two communication styles/best-practices for communicating with employees in each of the three countries.

Reference no: EM131271549

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