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The WBFK Transport Company operates throughout mainland Australia. The company specialize infast delivery of pallet-loads of goods from one WBFK depot to another WBFK depot. It does not dopickups at a customers premises nor does it deliver door to door. It deals exclusively in Pallet sizeloads and is not involved in small parcel transport unless a customer with a small parcel is prepared topay a full pallet price.The business is thiving and has grown 60% in the last two years with 40% growth expected thisfinancial year.Currently there are depots in each State and Territory Capitals and additional depots as follows :Three depots in Queensland located in Townsville, Mt Isa and the Gold CoastFour depots in NSW located at Grafton, Dubbo, Newcastle and WoolongongFour depots in Victoria at Geelong, Albury-Wodonga, Bendigo and MilduraOne depot in South Australia at Port AugustaTwo depots in WA at Freemantle and BroomeOne depot at Alice Spring.
The business was originally started to carry freight between Melbourne and Sydney and has grown inanswer to demand, rather than in a planned way. No attention has been paid to the efficiency of thebusiness nor to analyzing costs. All freight from any depot outside a capital city is sent to that capitalcity then forwarded to the capital city in the state where it is addressed. Currently there is no directtransport from Queensland to any other State except through Sydney and all Ex-Sydney freight toStates other than Queensland goes via Melbourne. Similarly, all Northern Territory freight is shippedvia South Australia.Your ProjectYou have been engaged as a project manager to scope a project which will analyze the freightcurrently handled by WPFK Transport.The broad project brief is to find what volume of freight (number of pallets) goes between each depot.It has been decided to survey each depot for two (2) two-monthly periods over the next eight months,once in November/December(very busy period) and again in March/April (quiet period).The Company suspect they could make considerable savings and reduce delivery dates by initiatingnew routes. For example from Brisbane directly to Adelaide, via Dubbo and Mildura with drop-offsand pickups from interim depots along the way.Your Project will define the Scope, construct the Work Breakdown Structure, define all of theactivities and sequence these, schedule the project and then resource and budget the project using Microsoft Office Project. 

Reference no: EM13301182

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