Delegate to a certain convention arrived by air

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The probabilities are 0.4, 0.2, 0.3, and 0.1, respectively , that a delegate to a certain convention arrived by air, bus, automobile, or train. What is the probability that among 9 delegates randomly selected at this convention, 3 arrived by air, 3 arrived by bus, 1 arrived by automobile, and 2 arrived by train?

Reference no: EM131021330

Collected on internet purchases

PB1. Do you think sales tax should be collected on Internet purchases? Why, or why not? What might the positive and/or negative aspects be if such a tax was implemented? PB2

Prepare a detailed report on the statistical analysis

Every participant is required to do the necessary process and analyze the data of any real case of your choice of any company/firm. Prepare a detailed report on the statisti

Hospital comparative analysis

You are a newly hired health planner for one of these two hospitals. Your CEO has asked you to compare and contrast the two hospitals. You have at your disposal the informat

Apply the concepts of managing innovation

The focus of this paper is to consider how to apply the concepts of managing innovation, a creative workplace culture and workplace diversity in Samsung organization. In thi

Identify potential areas of resistance that may occur

Identify potential areas of resistance that may occur and at least one strategy to respond to each. (This will most likely come from your Weaknesses/Threats section of your

Three-year property class

Suppose you bought a computer for $5,000 three years ago. It is depreciated as a three-year property class, where the percentages are 33.33%, 44.44%, 14.82%, and 7.41% for y

Research the glass ceiling phenomenon

Research the glass ceiling phenomenon. Do you believe that the glass ceiling still exists? If so, explain what a strategic leader can do to end the glass ceiling phenomenon

Customers choosing the right financial product

Suppose you work at the help desk of Daffodil Bank. Your job is to help customers choosing the right financial product. Currently you are dealing with a customer who is seek


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