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CASE:Delaware Department of Correction starting a project to train new officer to have experience working in all levels of prisons during their probation period. The following will be tracked by the Human Resources department, Cadet, contact information, training evaluation. The prison official will need to tracked cadet names, address, contact information, instructors.

This   final course project is to develop an individual project plan that focuses on the database aspects of the project development lifecycle.  All design, research, and work by each student will be original work in the design and creation of a new database.   Students will become familiar with data management, database modeling and design, and skills to develop a final project plan.  These requirements include the following:

Requirements Analysis -

  • Background
  • Purpose
  • Business goals and rules
  • User requirements
  • Data requirements
  • Reporting requirements
  • Project schedule and project costs
  • Data model - In physical design format original student design
  • Data dictionary for all tables in data model
  • SQL   statements:
    • CREATE TABLE statements (for entities (tables defined in model)
    • Minimum of two SELECT statements
    • At least one insert, update, or delete statement. 
  • Identify the database management system (DBMS) that will be used for the database  design
  • Create a basic database back-up and recovery plan



Reference no: EM13812570

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