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You have to write based on this slides as well as your own understanding of the topic.

Highlighted part should be done properly.

Length: 2,500 words

You have to discuss:

Fair Work Commission's New Approaches program

Collective negotiation role play

Restorative practices and conflict

Assessment criteria for this task:

degree of analysis of the processes and outcomes of the conflict resolution exercises

appropriate understanding and effective use of relevant literature;

a clearly developed. logical and supported argument;

a clear and concise writing style, correct spelling and grammar, and

correct use of the Harvard system of citation

Attachment:- week slides.zip


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The work is in 2500 words where the focus is on handling the forms where the focus is on the structures with handling the dependency of different standards. The forms works on handling the HRM where the professional standards are defined to work on different standards.

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    I made a very good grade on both assignments. Sources are well- chosen, authoritative and are appropriate for the task. Excellent understanding. The research is very well integrated with the main text.

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