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Centipede has asked you to develop a pursuit plan for the production of its earth moving equipment. Below is the beginning inventory, monthly demand and relevant work force information. Define the total hire/fire costs as well as the number of workers employed at the end of October. Note- The ending inventory for October must be 0. July Beginning Inventory 1200 Demand is July 3300 Aug 3000 Sept 2550 Oct 2400. Hiring costs $50 per worker firing costs $100 per worker production rate 15 units per month per worker starting workforce 200 workers
A) $6,000 and 160 workers
B) $13,000 and 160 workers
C) $6,000 and 170 workers
D) $13,000 and 170 workers
E) $19,000 and 170 workers

Reference no: EM1397287

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