Define the three different types of nucleotide substitutions

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Define the three different types of nucleotide substitutions and explain the differences between them.

Then rank the likelihood of the three different types of substitutions having an effect on the phenotype. Why?

What are the effects of a nonsense mutation in a gene coding for a protein that is vital for the activity of ATP synthase in the mitochondria. What would the impact of this mutation in the ATP synthase gene be on its DNA structure, and on transcription and translation? What would the likely impact of this ATP synthase mutation be on aerobic cellular respiration and why?

Reference no: EM132280146

What is the length of double helix

A human has 10^14 cells and each human cell has about 6.4 x 10^9 nucleotide pairs of DNA. What is the length of double helix that could be formed from this amount of DNA in

The growing strand of a dna molecule

Some chemotherapy drugs act by attaching themselves to the growing strand of a DNA molecule, thus preventing its replication. Cells on which phase of the cell cycle would be a

Why do you think flagella-based swimming motility

About half of the bacilli and all of the spirilla bacteria are motile, by means of flagella. Very few cocci are flagellated or motile. Why do you think flagella-based swimmi

Explain how residual volume, vital capacity change with age

Can you measure the residual volume and total lung volume by spirometry? Explain. Also explain how the residual volume, vital capacity, and total lung capacity change with a

Determining the evolutionary standpoint

1. "If humans are in the same class as domestic cats we must also be in the same order." True or False? Explain. 2. Explain in your own words how, from an evolutionary standpo

What category of structure would the surgeon be dealing

Dylan was a football player who suffered traumatic injuries. He required a surgical operation in which the surgeon would be repairing his stomach and intestine. What categor

Find base of the parent plant

An oak tree will produce thousands of acorns that are buried or eaten by squirrels. Explain why would the tre require to make so many a corns? why might a plant whose seeds di

What is the best range for measuring km

The KM of a Michaelis-Menten enzyme for a substrate is 1.0 x 10-4 M. At a substrate concentration of 0.2 M, νo = 43 μM x min-1 for a certain enzyme concentration.


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