Define the terms autotroph and heterotroph

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Define the terms: Autotroph and heterotroph. Describe the differences between photoautotrophs and chemoautotrophs and chemoautotrophs and heterotrophs with regard to their energy source and their role in ecosystems. Give examples for each kind of organism. What is a primary producer?

Reference no: EM1399872

Which method the dna in a multi-step process into mrna

What is involved in going from genomic DNA to messenger RNA (mRNA)? The transciption process involves the concerted action of several proteins called transcription factors w

Population is in hardy-weinberg equilibrium

A fruit fly population has a gene with two alleles, A1 and A2. Tests show that 70% of the gametes produced in the population contains the A1 allele. If the population is in Ha

Examining the metabolism of a new drug

You are interested in examining the metabolism of a new drug that has been developed in your company. Briefly outline how you would determine whether cytochrome P450 is involv

Which glia are involved in myelination in the pns

How did Santiago Ramon y Cajal (1906) famous neuroanatomical drawings of the nervous system contribute to our current understanding of the cellular wiring of the nervous sys

Give the difference between primary and tertiary structures

You are a scientist working on a large protein (500 amino acids long) you have genetically engineered the protein in in such a way as to replace a single hydrophobic amino a

How venous thrombosis is different from arterial thrombosis

Review the section "Diseases of the Veins" (pp. 585-587) in Chapter 23 of the Huether and McCance text. Identify the pathophysiology of chronic venous insufficiency and deep

Patient scenario but do give away the disease

Create a patient scenario but don't give away the disease. First explain the terms opportunistic and true pathogen. Also differentiate between syndrome, signs and symptoms o

Who are homozygous for tongue-rolling

Suppose a woman who is both a homozygous tongue-roller and a non-PTC-taster marries a man who is a heterozygous tongue roller and is a PTC taster, and they have 12 children,


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