Define the term categorical imperative

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1. Define the term categorical imperative and give at least three examples of categorical imperatives that you believe in.

2. Why is it important for you and others to adhere to those categorical imperatives you listed?

3. Do you believe most people would agree with your opinion about those imperatives? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM13991753

Technologies simplify and reutilize the job of employees

To what extent does the development of new technologies simplify and reutilize the job of employees? What are the most significant effects of job simplification? Why? Is job s

Market force result in higher or lower airline profits

Choose one of Porter’s five forces. Discuss the characteristics of the airline industry within this framework. Does your selected market force result in higher or lower airlin

Case of intentional infliction of emotional distress

Which of the following elements is critical to a case of Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress? A civil wrong against individual rights that causes harm to person or pr

Contrast e-commerce operations management

SLP ?Compare and contrast e-commerce operations management to traditional operations management. Discussion ?Apply e-commerce management to one aspect of operations management

What impact will these have on international business growth

Outline two contemporary fashion marketing trends that will be influential over the next five years in the global fashion industry. Please consider these questions when writin

The average time a customer spends in the system

At Joe's Billiard Hall they rent tables by the hour and also rent Balabushka billiard cues for purists that can't afford their own. The rental process for these cues is exhaus

Synthesize how the concepts of culture-organizational values

Synthesize how the concepts of culture, organizational values, individual values, and stakeholder value creation are related. Why is their alignment important for the long ter

When we are considering corporate strategic positioning

When we are considering corporate strategic positioning, we often refer to three key principles. What are these three principles and how do they relate to operations strategy?


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