Define the legal constituents of consent for infants
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The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of the role of the registered nurse in relation to issues of consent and mandatory reporting for infants, children and young people.

Choose a scenario from the HHHS Paediatric Ward. Using your chosen scenario, discuss the role of the Registered Nurse (RN) in relation to Consent and in relation to Mandatory Reporting. Refer to the NMBA Registered Nurse Standards for Practice (2016) and relevant legislation to assist your discussion.


This assessment is to be submitted in a WORD document via Learnonline and presented as a scholarly essay (guide provided below) in keeping with the Academic Writing Requirements.

Introduction (100 words)

Introduce the purpose and structure of the essay. Introduce the chosen scenario. Outline how you will address the essay topic.

Body of essay (800 words)

Define the legal constituents of consent for infants, children and young people and use relevant criteria from the NMBA Registered Nurse Standards for Practice (2016) to demonstrate your knowledge of the role of the RN using your chosen scenario as an example. Demonstrate your knowledge of the role of the RN in mandatory reporting using your chosen scenario. Discuss the legal requirements and process of making a report in your state. Use relevant criteria from the NMBA Registered Nurse Standards for Practice (2016) to assist your discussion.

Conclusion (100 words)

Summarise the purpose and content of the essay in a logical and succinct manner.

REFERENCES: A minimum of 8 contemporary and relevant references, for example, peer-reviewed journal articles, text books and reputable websites, not more than 10 years old are to be used in support of your essay.

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    Total 1000 words. This is the scenario and the question and what all needs to be included are attached. Reference should be Harvard. Please note: There are NO re-submissions for this assignment. Extensions will only be granted in strict accordance with UniSA Assessment Policy and Procedure Manual 2019.

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