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The Goals

Your Career Targeting Assignment is to identify and define your “high value market” for your professional persona. This is a market you really want to impact in your career development.

This is a serious assignment that will provide the foundation both this MOOC specialization and for all of your future social and professional endeavors. Give it a great deal of thought.

Once you define your high-value market, you will try to determine what concerns them and find out where they are engaging in social.

The objective for this assignment is to anticipate what your high-value market is doing in social. After completing this assignment and as we move on in this specialization, many of you will find your hypotheses are incorrect. This is a good thing. It will reinforce the importance of listening to your high-value market on social.

The Assignment

Write a 3-paragraph analysis outlining the high-value market you are targeting with your professional persona in social.

Part I: High-Value Market

In part 1, define the high-value market you want to develop. Be specific – define them as clearly as you can. This should include:

The industry or area of focus

Title or description of the targeted individuals

An explanation of why they are your high-value market

Geography: You may want to focus on a country or a specific area, or perhaps you just want to examine your current city or even a hyper-local market.

Part II: Topics

In part 2, identify several (3-4) topics you think would be of great interest to this high-value market. Consider:

Hypotheses about what concerns them

What topics is your high-value market likely discussing in social or at conferences?

Part III: Locate Your High-Value Market on Social

In part 3, create a hypothesis about where your high-value market is engaging in social.

Are they on social networking sites or in virtual communities?

Do they watch videos or listen to audio content?

What do they read?

What sites might they get involved with professionally?

Reference no: EM131151829

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