Define the concepts culture lag and new technology

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1. Define the concepts "culture lag" and "new technology". Provide an example to illustrate how the introduction of a "new technology" in society produced a condition of "culture lag".

2. Discuss the similarities and differences between prejudice and discrimination. Is it possible to be prejudiced but not discriminate or to discriminate without being prejudiced? Defend your answer with examples.

3. Discuss how elites maintain stratification. Provide examples to illustrate your answer.

4. Journalistic accounts often state that "one out of every two marriages ends in divorce." Explain why this statement presents a distorted image of divorce in the United States. Provide an alternative "statistic" that presents a more accurate description of divorce in America.

5. List the three demographic variables that are used in estimating population growth, and explain why population growth is difficult to forecast.

Reference no: EM13783594

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