Define role of medical assistant in today healthcare office

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Answer the following questions in 1-2 pages in 12-point font and double-spaced. Format the paper in question and answer style. Answers should be in complete sentences and in your own words. Provide citations with specific answers and a reference list, at the end, in current APA format.

Physical, Occupational, and Recreational Therapies

Use your textbook to compare and contrast the similarities and differences of the following careers:physical therapy, occupational therapy, and recreational therapy.Thoroughly cover topics of education, work description, work environment, opportunities, etc.

Use your textbook and these helpful websites to learn more about the topics: APTA; AOTA; ATRA.

Medical Assisting

After reviewing the section on medical assisting in the course textbook, briefly describe the role of the medical assistant in today's healthcare office. This section should be 5-6 sentences in length. How could training as a medical assistant be a valuable tool when pursuing advanced health careers (for example: physician assistant, nursing, or physical therapy)?

Reference no: EM131196602

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